Tuesday, 8 October 2013

As I watch you slide by

It wasn't yesterday nor was it the day before
Did not realize, when it actually materialized
With the feeling of being washed ashore
After the rasp flood has had me agonized
I wanted to relax and go with the flow
As you and I walked all those miles together
I found myself losing myself a little more
Heart filled with the feel of a flying feather
A sparkling  smile on my face I always wore
It was the time when I witnessed love grow
Nothing around would distract me but you
Days grew brighter and more meaningful
With a slight peek at you I went skew
Away from the route I considered peaceful
Discovering myself letting my guards down
All those alluring days had me dreaming
Dreams that weren't meant to be at all
All along against me have I been scheming
Standing I watch my soul feebly crawl
Alas! I realized but too late to save myself
Wistfully as I sit here aware of you sliding by
As I am letting go off this special someone
Understanding that by this I should comply
I know it was not my game and it can't be won
I have bound my heart in chains to my body
While I let go of you I shout with a wheeze
But you can hear it no more as you are leaving
The brain can take in no more memories
My knees are going weak and I am shivering
When I see you flying off far away from me

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Doleful Loss

The tears shed in the abysmal lonely nights
My aching love story it still writes
Unsparing anguish of being abandoned
Knocks violently as I am still stunned
When the beautiful flashbacks iterate
It overwhelms me in an emotional strait
After you breezed into my life with glee
Such a heartwarming union it was for me
On that lovely day of the spring season
In a twinkle you had my unoccupied heart won
And  it was racing at the light's speed
The very next moment you were my need
For you I was just another picture
To be entangled in the webs and then stir
That I am left with just the memories
With or without which I can't be at ease
Is the bitter truth that I still can't battle
You don't even realize you were so brutal
Letting the glamorous dreams of mine crumble
You still walked away causing so much hassle
Leaving me flummoxed and stuck
To the reminiscence that I can't chuck
Because I possess not an agile heart
In which you struck a drat
It's hard for me to disregard the love for you
Neither have I the strength to remove this blue
The torment that I feel from this
Defines the pointless life that I live.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Loop of Life

Fear not the poor but the wealthy
Poverty may starve you to death sometime
But the poor wouldn't
wealth may keep you comfortable for lifetime
But the wealthy doesn't

As you walk through your life
Both poor and wealthy you shall stumble upon
You shall get treated lowly by the wealthy
Yet equally respected by the unfortunates
Cos wealth is accompanied by pride

Despise not the ugly but the good looks
Though uglies treated as gnat
They surely would not compare
Good looks much lovable to look at
Never can the ego behind those beautiful faces be measured

The admired good looks and the hated ugly
Shall be seen throughout in all forms
Good looks are food to sight
Yet poison to the mind
The evil inside keeps rising all along

Reflect upon the natures of the humans
Try fitting into everyone's lives
 You will find yourself betrayed
Betrayed by the good looks and the wealth
When you do grow old and poor

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dear god, Keep my motherland safe.

When everything seems to fall out of places and tumbling down, I look up to you y last savior. Please keep my motherland safe.
My motherland is still a very young democratic country, done with only five years of it. The second 5-year democratic election has been held just a few days back. Too young and inexperienced is my motherland in this things. She isn't still well versed with the rule of the game and still doesn't know the tricks. With my motherland having such an unstable government at this crucial moment seems to me like it is going week in the knees.
The parties who competed with one another to rule the country for another five years were at war. They say they will do that and do this. Throwing allegations at one another's face, dragging each-other to court and defaming each-other are what they did to be the one superior than the other. They say their main objective is to serve the King, country and the people. I wonder if that is even true or not. I don't understand why they (highly educated and wise we consider them to be) don't understand that they can serve the country even while being at the lowest of the ranks. To me it seems like they are just hungry for power.
On the other hand there are these news about the neighboring nations keeping an eye on her. Constant fear grabs the hearts of the innocent citizens. They wish their motherland was a monarchy as always, some wish they could revert it back to the peaceful times when the king ruled the nation and some wished the elections were already over. If wishes came true beggars would ride and I would never want my motherland to become a democratic country.
The elections are already over but the chaos still did not subside. They are still not done pointing fingers to each-other, yet no one wants to take the blame.  Chaos inside out and the ones at loss is the nation and the people. In this situation, dear god, please protect my motherland and keep it safe.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Down the (lost) memory lane.

The cool evening breeze blows against Tempa's wrinkled cheeks as he sits near the prayer wheel with a rosary in his left hand and the other turning the prayer wheel. His thin frail hand can't even turn the huge prayer wheel and feels glad whenever he is being lended a helping hand for his task. When almost the prayer wheel stops a little boy runs up to it and turns it around. Tempa raises his weary eyes to look into an innocent and cheerful face, which resembled someone whom he knew. As the little boy turns to leave, something catches his eyes, which makes him turn back. Quickly he reaches into his pocket, takes out a clean handkerchief and offers it to the old man to wipe his welled up eyes. The young boy makes himself comfortable near Tempa, placing his tiny hand on his lap and asks if he is alright.
Tempa stammers while replying, "I am not very fine, some good old memories hit me as I saw you".
Curious, the little boy's eyes brightens up and instantly asks "You have a grand son like me?".
Tempa just swings his head sideways in a gesture to say 'no'. Tears still welling up in his eyes, he slowly pats the little boy's back and says, "That is a long story dating back to, when I was about a few years older than what you are now".
No sooner Tempa completes the sentence, the little pair of eyes brghtens and exclaims "Oh! a story? I love listening to stories,my grandmother tells the most beautiful stories".
The wrinkled face stretches to form a weary smile and right through the parted lips the gums are easily visible. Tempa is in his late 70's but his memories of his first love is still intact. Almost 60 years ago he would met her. Every time Tempa comes across a similar face Tempa would go into inner turmoil leaving him drowning in the pain of regrets and the guilty feeling. Possessing a caring heart was his first love, who had made every effort for the relationship to get going but he would just ignored her. Only had he not been careless about her the ending would not have been this.
Bouncing back from his memories, Tempa asks, "What is your name?".
The boy flashes the sweetest of smiles and replies "I am Samdrup and what do I address you as?".
"You have a nice name,I am Tempa but you can also call me Agay Tempa if you want to", replies Tempa.
No sooner are they done introducing, a man calls out for Samdrup. "Agay, I will leave now, Apa is in a hurry", saying so, Samdrup hops towards a smartly dressed man.
Its already late and Tempa is returning to his hut but it takes him so long though it is not so far away. Limping, Tempa reaches his small hut. A pile of cardboards serves as his matress and as he lay staring at the holes in the roof, memories strikes back.
It has been during his High school days, when he met Zangmo, his first love. He has fallen for her on the first sight but has taken almost two years to confess. Gathering all the courage he had, he proposed her by the end of the academic year of his twelve standard. Zangmo was a year junior to him. When she finally replied, he had been the happiest person in campus. The love birds would not miss a chance to see eachother even during the short recess and when finally the winter break came, they were heart broken yet parted with much pain and the promise to be in contact and make it a point to meet once in a while. Even during the break, they despised being home. Late night calls and the exchange of messages became a routine. They met every once in a while and those had been the happiest of their moments. Holding hands, going for long walks and dinner added much bliss to their meetings. In the meanwhile, Tempa's result was declared and both were much glad to know that he had qualified for Higher studies. When another academic year started, Zangmo was the only one going to school. Tempa joined college, far from where Zangmo's school was located. Though distance grew between them, their love never decreased. During the short breaks he got, Tempa visited her in her school and when apart, they had yearned to see eachother. A year, passed and Zangmo appeared her exam. Yet, another winter break was almost over with the same things happening between the love birds. Zangmo could not qualify for higher studies and coming from a financially backward family she could not even continue.
Things started changing after that. Distance between them grew both physically and mentally. Doubtes started raising in both minds.Their fault was that they failed to understand eachother. Trust vanished with the distance. Tempa got frastruated and decided to move on. He cheated on her and got patched up with another girl from his college. Zangmo had still remained faithful to him despite the fact that they had fights more often. She had still felt that they can have good times together but when the reality did break out, her world fell apart. The biggest shock to her had been the news of his marriage. After few years she had met a nice man and got married. They lived their own married life happily. As fate would have it Tempa met with an accident along with his only child. The child died on the spot. Since then things had turned all against Tempa. He was hospitalized for years and then his wife left him for another man. He got laid by his employer due to his long absence.
Its the next day since he have met Samdrup. Tempa again sits near the prayer wheel chanting, "OM MANI PADME HUNG, OM MANE PADME HUNG, OM MANE PADME....".
"Agay Tempa", he hears a voice call him. He tilts his head to look for the person when he sees Samdrup coming towards him. An old woman of his age is following him. As they nears Tempa, he is awestruck to look at the woman.
"Zangmo?" he mummers to himself. Tears start welling up in his eyes as he remembers their youthful days.
"Agay, this is my angay", Samdrup introduces her to Tempa.
"We are going to the hospital for now. We will see you next time." says Zangmo and leaves. She shows no sign of recognition.
As they part their ways Tempa thinks "Does she not remember me, even on the mention of my name and seeing me?".
Zangmo holds her grandson's hand and walks away slowly. With no flashback in her head. She silently listens to Chophel talking about the incidents that happened in his school that day. The news of Tempa's marriage has left her in a coma for three years resulting in memory loss. She has lost her memory including Tempa's. Now her memories starts only from her recovery. To her, her husband is her first and only love.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Things you don't know about me.

How many times does a butterfly try
Before it learns to fly?
The Garden is filled with flowers
But how many are mine?
How many sighs fill up a lifetime?
When I see you I can't breath
So many things you don't know about me.
When I flew and you fell
So close, I could hear you breath
I am sorry I didn't catch you
You don't know, why I left
I couldn't tell you, I just let you cry
Your tears shattered like rain on the ground
Breaking my heart into pieces
You don't know, why I kept away
Circling above in the sky
These are things you don't know about me
How many Blinks fill up a lifetime?
I find myself staring at you
The sky is filled with stars
But how many are mine?
Does it eventually rain and the lightening spark
When the sky is gloomy and dark?
So many things you don't know about me.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Layers around me

Circled, I am with many layers
Layers, they are of people
People with loving and caring hearts
Hearts protective of me

Like the tall sturdy walls they stand
Repelling every evil targeting me
Determined to keep me unharmed
Till eternity, if need be

In the middle stand I
I, who is lucky enough
Enough to have these people around
Around me for this life I have

With all these layers around me
I am sure I shall achieve
The untouched dreams of mine
In but a nick of time

Wonder I sometime, what would happen
Happen to me in their absence
Absence of these people would kill
Kill me and my identity

Only and only if I had the power
I would freeze this ticking clock
Be selfish and not let go
Of these layers around me ever.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Letter addressed to heaven


Having someone like you to lean onto in both good and bad times have been the greatest gift that god has ever given me. Now that you are gone I miss you dreadfully. This may be too late but I want you to know that I heart you. I know I have never been the perfect daughter that you always dreamt of because I always went wrong almost everywhere. I may not have met many of your expectations but I am still looking forward to fulfilling your dreams. It has been so long since I last saw you but your image is permanently imprinted in my heart. I miss you but I don't envy my friends, when they talk about the things that they do with their mothers because you are that one special person who can never be replaced. I curse my fate when I realize that I can't see you again. Going back home in your absence is becoming tougher each time. Knowing you won't be there anticipating my arrival kills me deep inside but don't worry, you have given me an angel like sister and brothers, who tries their best to provide me with all the happiness and they never fail at that. My sister looks forward to my vacation as you would do had you been here. Did I ever thank you for the precious gift? If i haven't, let me do so now. Thank you for the gift, she is an integral part of my happiness package. You are aware that they has been guiding and caring me since my very first day on this earth and they are still doing so. So, don't worry, I am being taken good care of.
It is 2013 now and I am in college. I wish you were here so that I could tell you so much about the things going around me. You never talked about me going to college, was it because you thought it was too early? It will be a few years when I will leave this college. I am looking forward to getting a good job after my studies and helping my siblings. I have always wished to get a decent job and get you and Apa to live with me but the wind of fate blew you away too far so much so that I can't even get you back despite my sincere efforts. Life isn't as smooth as I wish it to be. Happiness and sadness finds their own places in my life, yet I am living on. Memories and the love from the people around keeps me going. Knowing that I had you at some point of time makes me glad. I am looking forward to meeting you again.

Your Loving Daughter


Monday, 18 March 2013

Just the third BHSCE attempt and SHERDI has another topper.

Sherub Reldri HSS aka Yakgang
The first ever private school in the eastern part of the country. Sherub Reldri (mostly known among it's teachers and students as SHERDI and as YAKGANG among the localities) was first founded in the year 2009 with a very few numbers of teachers, a much fewer number of supporting staffs and just about a hundred plus students (only class 11 students). Located away from the busy town, the school has a very silent atmosphere with the natural beauty surrounding it. A place perfect for an educational institution. The few numbers of infrastructures that it has accommodates the small family perfectly. Harmonizing the scenery beauty of the place, the teachers and the students. As the students come from divergent societies and family backgrounds many new ideas, cultures and values come up together adding more to the daily lessons that they are taught in the classes.
Since it's very first year, the school provided all three streams of higher secondary studies (Science, Commerce and Arts). The few numbers of teachers was the result of the few number of students and the reason for the few number of students was all because it was a new school, unknown to many. As the journey towards producing able citizens started, the principal, proprietor and the teachers along with the students worked hard to achieve it's motto "GATEWAY TO FUTURE". After an year of its establishment another fresh batch of students sought admission in the school along with some CE students, increasing the numbers of both students and teachers and yet after another year the first batch of students appeared the BHSC Examination. Having students coming from different educational backgrounds, the pass percentage was low, which left the teachers disheartened. Yet they did not lose hope to prepare another batch for the same. The second batch of students appeared BHSC Examination in 2011, when a CE student topped the Arts stream from the country. Thus another huge number of students sought admission in the school owing to the good result though the pass percentage was still low. 
Last year was the third batch appearing the BHSC Examination, which was  by then a recognized school. The results left everybody shocked to know that Sherdi has yet another topper (a regular student) scoring 82.50 %, securing the third position from the Arts stream. Being a student of that same school the headline in kuensel, which read "Class XII results declared", left me over excited. Congratulations! Tshering Lhamo, you did us proud. So, Sherub Reldri H.S.S, which once was a school that most of the people were even not aware of its existence is flourishing just four years after it's foundation. 
The principal and wonderful teachers who put in all of their efforts in teaching, wishing the best for their students are the first ones, who should be credited with the achievements. The proprietor must be thanked along with our financial and moral supporters (parents, siblings and relatives). We did get a second chance for education because of the above mentioned people and we are very much grateful for that and THANK YOU for everything. And SHERDI, you have a long way to go and more of these achievements are yet to come.