Thursday, 13 December 2012

When it is time to leave.

There she lay groaning in pain
The last moments are already here
Nothing can hold her back now
Time up and she needs to leave

Time has ticked by too soon
It seems like just yesterday
When she set her foot here
And now it is time for goodbye

Sorrowfully her loved ones cry
renowned medics are at their best
But the lord above calls her
She has no other choices left

Her wealth can’t help her now
No supernatural power can save her
Alas all she gets to take
Is nothing but the good deeds

Such is the reality of life
Like autumn leaves she will fall
To the soil where she belong
And will finally turn to dust

After her the winter shall come
Cold frost will cover the ground
Leaving no traces of her existence
Lost and forgotten she shall be

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The unknown four travelling the unknown route

So it was the four of us headed to an unknown destination, which everyone said is located in the south of the country south to ours.  Unknown to eachother and being together for the first time yet we decided to take this journey together, after all we were supposed to be together for five long years, which seemed like ages for us. But not it seems like the years are passing by too soon. Sitting inside a Mahindra taxi like some prisoners being taken to the jail, the questions that hit us was, when would we be back? How long would it be? These questions were left unanswered as nothing was confirmed. The journey to the train station seemed too short and time seemed to be racing. Travelling by transportation means that we have never used before; we were bored to death waiting for the train to arrive and we had a tough time trying to keep away from the beggars. When the train did arrive, we were in a rush to keep our things in order so that we can be comfortable later so much so that we did not even feel the movement of the train. We realized it only when we looked through the window to wave but then all we could see were the posts on the train station.
Two sitting on either berths facing eachother, I am very sure we looked like idiots because we did not speak a word as if we have been enemies for ages. We could not even converse not because we did not want to but because we did not know, what topic to bring up. Even when we tried to talk our conversations came to an abrupt end after a few questions and answers. It was really very uncomfortable to be sitting like that for three long days. The only guy in our group had the toughest time being the only guy. Lifting luggage, putting them on the berth, looking for platforms had to be done by him and worst of all he had no guy friend to accompany him at those tasks. He would silently climb up to the top berth and go to sleep during day time and during the night he would climb down to the lowest berth and sleep there so that we could feel safe. We had to take turns to sleep together on the same berth so that we can keep our luggage safely on the topmost berth. The next day was better, conversations seemed to have grown. Switching trains at Calcutta was the next trouble we had. Having to unload our luggage, look for the platform, wait for the train and again put back the luggage was something we really had trouble with. Feeling like bathing in sweat, we had no choice but to sit on the platform like all other passengers waiting for the train. The incidents with the coolie at Howra train station and Ap Bacteria and Aum Bacteria (we named them after something that they told us) will remain stuck with the memories of our journey. We still do laugh, when we recollect those.
Drinking water from an unknown couple especially, when they have a nagging kid, who tries to drink from the bottle time and again, would be a thing that we would never do in a foreign territory. But we ended up doing that because our silly demand that we want chilled water left us with no water. We were atleast glad enough that the couple let us drink their water otherwise thirst would have made us faint. Tasting that dish for the first time left us wondering what that white colored water was and later after some weeks we learned that it was supposed to be curd and its looked like white colored water because of excessive water and poor us, it tasted very bad. Feared gabbed our hearts when we were nearing the final station. Fearing we may miss our station and we may get transported to another station. Looking back at those days and nights, we feel proud. We did manage to get ourselves to our destination. The best part of the unknown four is that now we are good friends and our conversations never seem to be coming to an end now. Even during exam times we find ourselves talking uncontrollably.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

First Day as an Intern

“It is almost 8:30 am, aren’t you going to the court today?” my sister shouted at me.

It was really very cold and I hated to get out of my warm bed but I had to go to the court. I remembered my sister telling me that the Dasho Drangpon is out of station and won’t be back till the Dzongkhag Tshechu is over. I turned to my left and slept off thinking I can go late as the other office bearers won’t mind me coming late. I completely lost track of the minutes I slept as it was cold and I dozed off again.  THUD THUD THUD…I heard a sound so faint in the room. I tried to open my eyes and opened it partially, when I saw my little nephew coming towards me. I sat upright in a rush and grabbed my cell phone to see the time. “Nine? Oh god! I am dead meat now” I screamed at myself. I should have woken up when my sister woke me but still then my instinct told me the Drangpon is not here so I can be late. I again decided to sleep some more. I was almost dozing off again when my brother who was sleeping by my side started pulling my blankets. “Let me sleep some more because I can be late today” I said but he was adamant not to listen to my plea. “Get up and get ready, you can’t be late on the first day itself even if the Drangpon is not here” saying so he kept pulling on my blankets. When I pulled back my blankets he started pushing my mattress. Poor me, I had to get up because when he pulled my blankets, the cold morning air enveloped me. I rushed to the kitchen so that I can sit by the hearth and keep myself away from the morning coldness. No sooner did I reach the kitchen, my sister entered the kitchen and asked me to wash myself up, eat breakfast and dress up.
I followed her words and did so. It was already 9:30 am, when left for the court. The way from my home till the court is all through the forest and I felt lonely and the way looked creepy with tall grasses growing in either sides of the path. Still then I managed to console myself that I will get used to all these as I have one whole month to walk all alone. The chilly wind touched my already freezing cheeks, making it worst. As for my hands, I covered them in the folds of my tego and wonju in an attempt to keep them warm but all in vain. The tego and wonju were cold too. Trying to cheer myself up I played a song on my cell phone and kept walking. The forest was silent and I was of the view that the birds are cold too and they are still sleeping in their cozy nests. The dew drops on the grasses wetted the edges of my kira inspite of me holding it up. I was nearing the court, when I met an elderly from the village nearby. “Madam, where are you headed to?” she asked me. Madam? I thought to myself but told her that I am going to the court. She asked me my village and about my family and I introduced myself as Sonam Zangmo’s younger sister. After parting with the old woman, I started my journey. Once near the court gate I took out my Rachu, slided it over my left shoulder and was entering the gate but the guard near the gate did not want me to go in. The dispatcher just came by when I was telling the guards that I am a student who is supposed to intern here. “Let her go in, she comes here every year, she is an intern” said the dispatcher to the guards as he had seen me in the court the other year. I was glad he came by otherwise I guess I must had to have shown the letter to the guards before I show it to the Drangpon. The court stood as majestically as ever and the registrar was as friendly as ever. He showed me to the Drangpon’s chamber and informed the Drangpon that an intern has come. Nervousness tingling me, I stepped into the Dragpon’s chamber, handed over the letter from the Supreme Court and stood there, if incase he had something to tell me.
“So you are an intern?” he started. The next question was about what help I can render to them? I got a little nervous and abruptly spoke out that I can do anything that I am assigned. Realized it later that I was trying to act a little more confident. What would have I done had he given me some difficult task? I thought to myself and this question made me feel lucky that the Drangpon would be out of station for a week and there was a week holiday, which means I just have the rest days of a month. He felt bad I had just a month to intern and it was a wrong timing as I would not learn anything and can’t even help them. Relieved that I actually escaped whatever work I would have been assigned I stepped out of his chamber. So it was way easier than what I thought. He accepted me as an intern and I had no work to do. Once outside his chamber, I was stuck in the way with the thought of where to head to? I choose to stay in the dispatcher’s room where not many people visited. Getting a little nervous as of what the dispatcher would think of me when I enter his room, I headed towards it and there he was sitting in the round chair looking at the computer screen. I stepped in and he offered me a seat nearby the heater. I was glad he was friendly and did not mind me being there. “So you are interning this year too?” he asked me, to which I answered by nodding my head. I was getting so bored sitting there idle, staring at the wall clock and wishing it was lunch break so that I can have a little time all to myself and decide whether to bunk or not? Finally it was lunch break, people started leaving for lunch and the bench clerks invited me to have lunch with them at the canteen on the ground floor. I wasn’t feeling comfortable so I decided to stay back and miss lunch and it wasn’t a big deal to miss it as I wasn’t hungry. I was left all alone in the chamber. I waited for another fifteen minutes and then picked up my bag and called my sister. She wanted me to come home as she and brother were having a hard time preparing for the next day. I told her I can’t come as the Drangpon was there and it would not be appropriate to be bunking on the first day itself but still then I put my bag over my shoulder and left the court.
It was the first day of my internship and I was leaving before the office hours were over. Still then I was confident that the Drangpon will not notice my absence. I should not have thought so because I was caught the next day but I got lucky enough. The Drangpon was in a good mood and I escaped the scolding. The first day of internship was over and from the next day I was punctual and helped the chief clerk. I am still doing so. After all I may not get lucky enough the next time and I can’t take another risk.