Monday, 29 July 2013

Loop of Life

Fear not the poor but the wealthy
Poverty may starve you to death sometime
But the poor wouldn't
wealth may keep you comfortable for lifetime
But the wealthy doesn't

As you walk through your life
Both poor and wealthy you shall stumble upon
You shall get treated lowly by the wealthy
Yet equally respected by the unfortunates
Cos wealth is accompanied by pride

Despise not the ugly but the good looks
Though uglies treated as gnat
They surely would not compare
Good looks much lovable to look at
Never can the ego behind those beautiful faces be measured

The admired good looks and the hated ugly
Shall be seen throughout in all forms
Good looks are food to sight
Yet poison to the mind
The evil inside keeps rising all along

Reflect upon the natures of the humans
Try fitting into everyone's lives
 You will find yourself betrayed
Betrayed by the good looks and the wealth
When you do grow old and poor


  1. Rightly said.... And going,through ur b/ful poem .... Its relle amazing and worth knowing the real hidden fact in our temporary life.....

  2. As i have gone through ur wonderful piece of writing...... its very nice and fascinating to learn that, the very fact and the truth of life is not easy and simple as one ma expect. grt job keep going dude.....