Tuesday, 8 October 2013

As I watch you slide by

It wasn't yesterday nor was it the day before
Did not realize, when it actually materialized
With the feeling of being washed ashore
After the rasp flood has had me agonized
I wanted to relax and go with the flow
As you and I walked all those miles together
I found myself losing myself a little more
Heart filled with the feel of a flying feather
A sparkling  smile on my face I always wore
It was the time when I witnessed love grow
Nothing around would distract me but you
Days grew brighter and more meaningful
With a slight peek at you I went skew
Away from the route I considered peaceful
Discovering myself letting my guards down
All those alluring days had me dreaming
Dreams that weren't meant to be at all
All along against me have I been scheming
Standing I watch my soul feebly crawl
Alas! I realized but too late to save myself
Wistfully as I sit here aware of you sliding by
As I am letting go off this special someone
Understanding that by this I should comply
I know it was not my game and it can't be won
I have bound my heart in chains to my body
While I let go of you I shout with a wheeze
But you can hear it no more as you are leaving
The brain can take in no more memories
My knees are going weak and I am shivering
When I see you flying off far away from me