Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Humanity showed up once again.

We live in a world, where almost no one has time for the other person. Life gets busier by the day and we have no time to spare. Humanity is lost and wealth and fame has become the priority of our lives and it almost seems like it is the reason we live for. Money really talks like everyone says. You have money, you have everything and you don’t have it, you have nothing. Just nothing at all! “Everything comes with price tags”, I was once taught in my Torts class. Even emotions have price tags, otherwise there wouldn't be people marrying for money. The world has become more materialistic than, what it used to be once upon a time. Sad but a fact it is! These days fame and money makes humans and it is as if humans live without emotions.
Even while everyone is busy earning money, piling it up in their bank accounts or either buying comforts, which they obviously are not able to enjoy, humanity shows up its face. The perfect timing to remind everyone of us, of the fact, that we are humans. We still need one another to live and most importantly to live peacefully. It is then that we realize how important it is to help eachother but that realization is also short lived. Anyhow it is better than never realizing. It atleast restores humanity once in awhile.
Recently a post with a picture of a patient has been going around on Facebook with the message, "My daughter Sangay Lhaden, who is in CMC Vellore, is in need of blood. Anyone in and around Vellore willing to save her life by donating blood may please contact me at 0091**********." Humanity lent its hand in helping the helpless father, who had come to a foreign land with the hope of getting his daughter cured of the disease; everyone, who saw the post, started sharing the post, eventually reaching those students studying in Chennai and Coimbatore area. They probably called up the patient’s father and got the blood group confirmed. Another post came up again after a few days on the timeline of the patient’s father; this time it was a picture of a number of boys sitting in the waiting room of a hospital with the caption, "14 Bhutanese students in Chennai and Coimbatore came to Vellore to donate blood for my daughter in times of need. I thank them all." Humanity restored! These men, who visited the hospital to donate blood for the patient by taking timeout of their busy schedule really made everyone, who saw the post believe that, humanity exists still, somewhere, somehow.
Students who came up to the hospital to donate blood, in the process of doing so. Sangay's father writes, "Bhutanese students from Chennai donating platelets for my daughter in CMS Hospital. There are no words to to thank them." Photo Courtesy: Facebook.
The sense of belonging to eachother is the reason they were there. Being a Bhutanese, I feel proud to know that our people never leave another countryman at times of need. Going through those posts, I had goose bumps on my skin. A feeling indescribable crept in me and I thought out loud, “This is how Bhutanese are”. At home or away from home, we are always ready to lend a helping hand for our country man. And the patient is now probably a little better from, what she used to be because I saw a post by her father. I hope she gets better soon and gets back home safe. Everybody back home must be waiting so impatiently. Speedy recovery, Sangay. Take care!