Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dear god, Keep my motherland safe.

When everything seems to fall out of places and tumbling down, I look up to you y last savior. Please keep my motherland safe.
My motherland is still a very young democratic country, done with only five years of it. The second 5-year democratic election has been held just a few days back. Too young and inexperienced is my motherland in this things. She isn't still well versed with the rule of the game and still doesn't know the tricks. With my motherland having such an unstable government at this crucial moment seems to me like it is going week in the knees.
The parties who competed with one another to rule the country for another five years were at war. They say they will do that and do this. Throwing allegations at one another's face, dragging each-other to court and defaming each-other are what they did to be the one superior than the other. They say their main objective is to serve the King, country and the people. I wonder if that is even true or not. I don't understand why they (highly educated and wise we consider them to be) don't understand that they can serve the country even while being at the lowest of the ranks. To me it seems like they are just hungry for power.
On the other hand there are these news about the neighboring nations keeping an eye on her. Constant fear grabs the hearts of the innocent citizens. They wish their motherland was a monarchy as always, some wish they could revert it back to the peaceful times when the king ruled the nation and some wished the elections were already over. If wishes came true beggars would ride and I would never want my motherland to become a democratic country.
The elections are already over but the chaos still did not subside. They are still not done pointing fingers to each-other, yet no one wants to take the blame.  Chaos inside out and the ones at loss is the nation and the people. In this situation, dear god, please protect my motherland and keep it safe.

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