Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Early morning post after a sleepless night

It's exactly 5 AM in the morning and here I am sitting on my bed while writing this. I am not an early bird, so obviously, I have had another one of those sleepless nights. Its an irony for someone like me, who loves sleep having a sleepless night.
I tried to sleep after turning off the lights and the laptop at 1 AM but ended up spending an hour tossing around in bed. Despite sleeping in a dark room with my eyes tightly closed, I felt like I was outside in bright daylight. After much trying, I thought a soothing music would lull me to sleep, so I played music on my ipad and while I hugged onto it, I tried to get myself to help the music to lull me to sleep. Sleep did not visit me still and after three hours of listening to music and an hour of tossing around in bed, here I am giving up on inviting sleep.
A night without sleep makes me weary the next day and today is sure going to be one of those days, when I feel so weak and weary and the vision becomes blurred. Those days are tough and today shall also be one. No doubt!
As I sit here, I can hear a cricket outside, it probably has been chirping the whole night but I can hear it loud and clear now. I was taught that crickets chirp to signal the end of summer. Summer has been long gone. September and August are gone as well but the crickets are still chirping. They apparently are confused with the kind of weather this year had had. Last year, at this time of the year, winter was already here but this year summer went away so late. Effects of global warming a friend of mine told me a few days ago. The heat lasted till the first weeks of October. Just a week ago, a slight rain brought the temperature down. Now we have to wear warm clothes even while in the room with the fan switched off. From 42ºC to 17ºC, its amazing, how a place can have such a vast change in temperature in but just a twelve months time. God sure is very creative. :D
Another 30-40 minutes and the sun will be up and bright but since the day of rainfall, the weather here has been a little cloudy, with very less penetration of sun rays through the thick layers of clouds. Cold days unlike any other days makes me miss Bhutan more. Bhutan must almost be freezing by now, especially Thimphu with the snow already reaching Phajoding. Can't wait to be home and fight the cold along with my folks. Going to school must be getting harder for my little ones at home. Having to wake up early in the cold and walking to school must be a torture by now. :( Pool little ones. 
The dark shade outside is getting lighter. Morning calls started, with the birds taking over the job of chirping from the cricket. I can no longer hear the cricket; it probably retreated into it's nest for the well deserved rest. I hope it doesn't have a sleepless day like I had a sleepless night. Now, its the job of the birds to keep the day busy, while the crickets rests. When the sun comes up, I shall go up to the terrace to watch this semester's last sunrise. And if possible get a few pictures clicked, just hoping the sun comes up today.
6 o'clock! Time to rush to the bathroom and wash myself fast, so that I make it on time to watch the sunrise. Have a good day! :)