Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Very Inspiring Blog Award

I would like to start off by thanking Mrs. Rima Reyka, who blogs at Overcome life, for nominating me for this blog award. Thank you Mrs. Rima. :) It is a pleasure to be nominated for such an award. I can't express how glad I am to receive this award. It should have been the other way round, I should be the one nominating her.I don't know how I have been inspiring to her because I am the inspired one rather than the inspirer in this case. Anyway, I am glad if I had been inspiring in anyway.
So basically, I learnt from a short research on this blog that the blogger, who recieves this award is supposed to follow some rules while posting this and they are as follows:
  1. Display the award on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers, link to them, and notify them about their nominations.
So here I go following the 4 rules of the award.
Very Inspiring Blog Award. Photo Courtesy: Google
These are the seven things about me:
  1. My dream as a primary school kid was to become a doctor, which eventually faded away with the 'not-so-good' marks I scored in science after I reached my junior high. Then I shifted my dream to becoming a teacher and now I am a law student. Funny, how I could not stick to one dream.
  2. I did not qualify to continue studying in a government school after my tenth grade and that is when my dream of becoming a school teacher also faded. Thanks to my family, my schooling did not fade away like my dreams.
  3. I grew up in the country side with four elder siblings, a sister and three brothers. 
  4. I am a terrible cook. Everytime I cook while at home, I either end up cutting my fingers or burning the curry. My folks lose their appetite when I am the cook and that's how I figured out how to keep their weights maintained. :P
  5. After my graduation I want to join the judiciary but I am doubtful about how I would perform in the RCSC examination. That exam I think is like a bottle neck, you have to squeeze when you reach the neck and only a few can get through.
  6. Once settled down with a secure job I wish to build a house of my own, on the spot, where my late mother dreamt of telling me to build a house. I was a kid when she narrated her dream to me but even after she has been gone for years, her dream lives with me and I am hoping I will be able to fulfill our dream.
  7. Everytime a person asks me my favorite colour, food, game or anything of the kind, I don't know what to answer because I really don't have any favorites. I know this sounds kindof weird and hard to believe that there is someone who doesn't have any favorites but here I am.
Well, those were the seven things about me. You know me a little more now. :D And in appreciation of being the inspirers I nominate the following for the award:
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  14. Amrith Subbha, author of Amrith Bdr Subba's diary | My Personal Journal!
  15. Pema Wangyel, author of As i travel my life's journey
I know that most of you have been  nominated for the award but I still nominate you all as you have been my inspirers.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Life: A bar of soap

Whenever I am free, I am either with my computer, browsing all random things on the internet or  I am with my phone downloading songs and applications. In one of those times I came across an application on play store. Its called, 'Lettrs', an application that lets you post letters to both public and to private persons. There is also a feature that lets you make pen-pals, you can address letters to them and they can reply to your letters. I also have a few pen-pals. You have access to all the open letters and thats when I came across this piece. I thought you may love to read it to. So I am sharing it.

This little bar of soap
Perches on that precarious ledge in your bathtub.
That little soap often slips here and there, almost gleefully and
The harder you grab onto it,
The more it evades your grasp.
And you think up a million ways to sneak up on it,
To figure it out, to find the meaning of that little bar of soap.
And while you do all this,
That little bar of soap just sits there, twiddling its thumbs,
...Making bubbles.
Oh but that little soap will give
you are real good clean, once in a while
Deftly sweeping its tiny fingers away from itself,
Sweeping away all your dirt
But most of the time
That little bar of soap just sits there, twiddling its thumbs,
...Making bubbles.
Day in, day out, more of that little soap washes away.
More of that little soap disappears.
And the funny thing is
The littler it gets, the more important it suddenly becomes
"How could I have wasted all that soap?"
"How could I have let it sit there in that insipid water and never use it?"

But soap is soap, it will make bubbles quickly as it can and that's all there is to it.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Of winter break, I, and B-Mobile internet service

Dated: 20/11/2014
It is getting colder, I get into bed by 8:00 PM. Cold feet is never comfortable thus I always wear socks to bed and cover my feet with a small warm blanket underneath the huge blankets that I use to cover myself. Once warm and comfortable in bed I try logging into Facebook. The net is bad but I still try for a few minutes. The net is too lazy to lead me into my account and the warmth of my bed slowly lulls me to sleep. A goodnights sleep after a tiring two hours of walk in the day.
Next day, I find myself awake in the early hours of the morning. Father and niece with whom I share the room are probably fast asleep because I can’t hear them. My first thought is my last act of the night: my phone! With my eyes still half open, I start feeling for my phone. I find it buried beneath the covers with me; sometimes near my feet, sometimes under me. The places I find my phone in, in the mornings makes me feel glad that my phone isn’t a smartphone. A few nudges at a hard key and my phone comes back to life.
First thing I see on the screen is the Facebook message page. Oh my! I have been online the whole night! It seems like the net always works only after I fall asleep. I skim through the few messages that my friends have dropped for me. A ‘Hi’ from one, a ‘sticker’ from another, a ‘Goodnight’ from yet another and etc., some have been online a few minutes before I came back to life, some a few hours ago. I failed to respond to their messages. Curse me not, if you have to, curse the net. While out of the country, I feel amazed about how people so often say the net is bad in the country but now I realize, it wasn’t an excuse. You know it only when you stand in the same shoes. Karma saw that! It is now my time to get the shoe bites. Someone who has always found it funny when people said the net in the country is bad, can’t even say the net is bad when one faces it. So ‘Mum’ is the word.  I decide not to mention the net while replying to the messages.
Facebook becomes a place of boredom, when you have no one to chat with. I log out and go back to sleep, when my niece wakes up and starts playing. Have always wondered, why kids love waking up early? Another few hours of sleep and my other half of the day starts. I hear my nieces, who are getting ready for school. Nephew is up too. The bed becomes a magnet during mornings especially the cold ones and mornings in Bhutan are always cold. I lay still in bed till the clock strikes 7:30 AM. After that I have no choice but to get up.
Another two hours of walking to and fro, six hours in the office (almost half of that time spent on trying to use Dzongkha Unicode), and another night with the bad net; the same thing happens all over again.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Because it is

It is the bare feeling of being happy just by catching a glimpse of that smile, which makes your heart skip a beat even when you are juggling the beatings life has to offer.

It is the very voice that sounds to you like something so blissful and soothing, which even beethovens symphonies can't match.

It is the bare look in those eyes that makes your world go blank and come to a standstill because you get lost in the beauty those sparkling eyes behold.

It is the very emotion you feel so deep and so true that will stay till the time you breath last because that feeling gives you a reason to smile.

It is something not everybody will relate to but for those who do know the beauty of it!!!