Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Doleful Loss

The tears shed in the abysmal lonely nights
My aching love story it still writes
Unsparing anguish of being abandoned
Knocks violently as I am still stunned
When the beautiful flashbacks iterate
It overwhelms me in an emotional strait
After you breezed into my life with glee
Such a heartwarming union it was for me
On that lovely day of the spring season
In a twinkle you had my unoccupied heart won
And  it was racing at the light's speed
The very next moment you were my need
For you I was just another picture
To be entangled in the webs and then stir
That I am left with just the memories
With or without which I can't be at ease
Is the bitter truth that I still can't battle
You don't even realize you were so brutal
Letting the glamorous dreams of mine crumble
You still walked away causing so much hassle
Leaving me flummoxed and stuck
To the reminiscence that I can't chuck
Because I possess not an agile heart
In which you struck a drat
It's hard for me to disregard the love for you
Neither have I the strength to remove this blue
The torment that I feel from this
Defines the pointless life that I live.