Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Monday blue turned yellow

Yesterday was Monday and a holiday in Telengana for some festival, the name of which I am unaware. Friends planned to sleep half the day and then chill and I was like, Damn! I have classes. And classes I did have, morning 10 to 12, afternoon 2 to 4. Nothing more exhausting than classes on a holiday. No one likes Mondays anyways, especially me. It worsens, when you have a holiday on Monday but you still have classes. So Monday blue became a shade darker.
After the fourth hour I returned to my room, to my nest. Tired I decided to take some rest so I leaped on my bed and switched on my phone data. As soon as its done a message pops up. "Welcome little man. Happy parenthood to Ata and mathang", reads the message. Its delivered in our family group chat on wechat from my third elder brother. We have been waiting for him to arrive and finally he is here. So brother and I, both excited debates on who will get to see him first. The impatience built up but we had to wait for his photo. But when I finally receive his photo, all the impatient feelings melts into love for that little one. All the tiredness and the frustration for Monday vanishes. A tiny face, pink eyelids, a cute small mouth and fair complexioned. "He is fair", I think out loud, to which all the family members agree. The blue colour fades into yellow at the end of the day. How can I not love the day this little one steps into our family? I stare into his peaceful sleeping face. Today is his second day and in every photo I see of him, he is sleeping so I decide to call him the 'Sleeping handsome'. Come November and I can see him in real and hold him. Excited!
Congratulating my brother and in-law on their first born, congratulating my family on another new member and myself on getting the third nephew. Wishing our little one all the happiness and good health with a promise to be there for him on every step he takes. We love you boy!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

My love still exists

My love that existed yesterday

Exists even today

I long for your hair even today

My nights are still spent in your thoughts

My crazy condition exists even today 

I don't wan't to see any other

My dishonest eyes

Have a modicum of decency left even today

Love me once and then leave me if you wish

Even now you have the permission

To break my heart and leave

NOTE: A shairy from the movie Akaash Vani. A perfect message for the ones who can't let go and for the ones whom they can't let go of.