Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Letter addressed to heaven


Having someone like you to lean onto in both good and bad times have been the greatest gift that god has ever given me. Now that you are gone I miss you dreadfully. This may be too late but I want you to know that I heart you. I know I have never been the perfect daughter that you always dreamt of because I always went wrong almost everywhere. I may not have met many of your expectations but I am still looking forward to fulfilling your dreams. It has been so long since I last saw you but your image is permanently imprinted in my heart. I miss you but I don't envy my friends, when they talk about the things that they do with their mothers because you are that one special person who can never be replaced. I curse my fate when I realize that I can't see you again. Going back home in your absence is becoming tougher each time. Knowing you won't be there anticipating my arrival kills me deep inside but don't worry, you have given me an angel like sister and brothers, who tries their best to provide me with all the happiness and they never fail at that. My sister looks forward to my vacation as you would do had you been here. Did I ever thank you for the precious gift? If i haven't, let me do so now. Thank you for the gift, she is an integral part of my happiness package. You are aware that they has been guiding and caring me since my very first day on this earth and they are still doing so. So, don't worry, I am being taken good care of.
It is 2013 now and I am in college. I wish you were here so that I could tell you so much about the things going around me. You never talked about me going to college, was it because you thought it was too early? It will be a few years when I will leave this college. I am looking forward to getting a good job after my studies and helping my siblings. I have always wished to get a decent job and get you and Apa to live with me but the wind of fate blew you away too far so much so that I can't even get you back despite my sincere efforts. Life isn't as smooth as I wish it to be. Happiness and sadness finds their own places in my life, yet I am living on. Memories and the love from the people around keeps me going. Knowing that I had you at some point of time makes me glad. I am looking forward to meeting you again.

Your Loving Daughter



  1. sad and emotional to read ur post. I know there wont be any kind of love rendered to us by the mom. But nothing is certain and permanent in this world...all are bound to perish sooner or the latter. This is fundamental principle having borne in the world. Only thing is the matter of time. So, try to be strong and alys.. never forget to achieve ur goal...

  2. I am so sorry to know that. I felt your pain in every word.

    All the love available on this earth can't be equated with our own mother's love. No matter how far I stretch my imagination, I am not in a position to understand to-be-situation of my life should I be as unfortunate as you.
    Yet these are manifestations of essence of us being mortality species. Be strong & good. Certainly she might be watching you. May I pray her soul be still in peace....

  3. thank you for the consoling comment, I am glad. I a trying to live well despite everything.

  4. thank you sherab, yes, you are right, a mother's love can never be replaced and I am glad she is my mother, thank you for the prayer.