Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Layers around me

Circled, I am with many layers
Layers, they are of people
People with loving and caring hearts
Hearts protective of me

Like the tall sturdy walls they stand
Repelling every evil targeting me
Determined to keep me unharmed
Till eternity, if need be

In the middle stand I
I, who is lucky enough
Enough to have these people around
Around me for this life I have

With all these layers around me
I am sure I shall achieve
The untouched dreams of mine
In but a nick of time

Wonder I sometime, what would happen
Happen to me in their absence
Absence of these people would kill
Kill me and my identity

Only and only if I had the power
I would freeze this ticking clock
Be selfish and not let go
Of these layers around me ever.


  1. I wonder whether even first poems of P.B. Shelly, Keats, Maya Angeleou, D.H Lawarence and many more would appear as interesting as this for me. Good. Now I am even jealous of your talent in poetry.. :D

  2., don't you compare me with those great ones, i am but a speck of dust compared to them. Anyway thank you for going through.