Tuesday, 18 February 2014

To my father

In a tiny hamlet far away
Where meandering path leads the way
And nature is at its best
At the alluring place which I call 'home'
Dwells my strength, my father
While collecting the memories together
Dearly, he clings upon them
A few happy-sad, bitter-sweet moments
The contents of his life
A life that had been selflessly dedicated
To the mouths that had to be fed
To the bodies that had to be clothed
Role of a father he excelled
Keeping the love alive even after she left
His love unparalleled
He is an exemplar of a true husband
Survivor of a tough life
Strong and sturdy he still stands
Role of a man he excelled
Chased by old age, his hair grey
Our lives, made his prey
The man who is my strength, my father
His sacrifice I never can repay
Good health I pray be his now and ever

p.s. I love you, Apa.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Liebster award for my blog

Let me start by thanking Sherab Tenzin for nominating my blog for the liebster award. It is an honor to be a recipient of the blog award, this one being the first blog award I ever received. I am glad you nominated my blog. As I was occupied with some academic work I could not put up the answers as soon as the award was received, until today. I apologize for the late answers.
In the past I did not have a clue about the existence of such an award for a blog and when I did I realized that I was falling short of the meaning. I initially googled for the meaning and learned that it several meanings “dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, kind, pleasant, values, cute, endearing, welcome and sweetheart”. The meaning somehow interested me. Also just with the meaning and the idea that I have to answer the set of questions that has been asked to me, I did not know how to go on with the post. So I started a little research online which led me to some well written blogs with blog posts regarding the award. As far as my understanding goes after reading some of those posts, liebster award evolved like a chain letter, which needs to be passed from one to the other blog. Earlier it was also held that the blog of anyone who received the award and ignored it vanished mysteriously. And that probably was the reason why the bloggers passed on the award. In the present day, though the character of passing the award by one recipient to the other still exists, the intention is different. It is so done aiming at discovering new blogs.
Having read about the award, I learnt that the blog which receives the award is supposed to put up a post containing a description of the award, the answers to the questions, Nominate any numbers of blogs for the award and ask the nominated blogs the same set of questions or a set of self-framed questions based on ones interest.

Photo courtesy; Google Photo courtesy; Google

Answers to Sherab's questions
1/ Who inspired you to blog?
Answer: I have never had an idea about the existence of something called 'blog' before I joined college. The first blog I read was Langa Tenzin's blog, which contains a huge number of posts, all beautiful. That gave me an idea that one can actually maintain a diary like thing online. Then I came across Sangay Duba's blog and Sherab Tenzin's blog , both containing a lot of inspiring articles. Those are the blogs that inspired me to blog.  And now that I am already a blogger, I get to read a lot many blogs. Thanks to them.
2/ How you remain active in blogging?
Answer: I ain't an active blogger, I update my blog only once in a while when something inspires me or when an idea strikes my mind. But even when I don't post on my blog, I remain active at blogging by reading the blogs that I have discovered.
3/ A quote that guides your life?
Answer: I am not a person who sticks to one thing for a long time. Thus I don't have any quote by anyone, which guides my life. I like many of them though.
4/ What you do if your blog is declared as the highest viewed blog in the world?
Answer: I would obviously be so happy if ever my blog is rated as the highest viewed blog and also I would strive harder to keep my readers entertained as they would then expect a little more from me.
5/ What you do during leisure?
Answer: I am a regular facebooker, every leisure time I get, I am into facebook. If ever you can't contact me, make sure you check me on facebook. Haha. Other than that I watch movies, talk with friends or either hang out with them.
6/ The book which you think shouldn't be read next time?
Answer: Now, this is one tough question. I have liked every book that I read. So no exact answer for this  question.
7/ Inspirational dialogues from one of the movies you watched recently?
Answer: "I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him, and I saw myself." from the animated movie, "How to train your dragon".
8/ In your view, what makes a person smart/beautiful?
Answer: Well, for me the heart of a person comes first. One should have a beautiful heart to be beautiful. A heart that feels and cares. To sum up everyone with the five vital organs and possessing a heart that loves and cares is a beautiful person for me.
9/ The most embarrassing moment of your life?
Answer: The most embarrassing moment of my life was in 2010. I was then a school councillor and we, me and my co-councillor, had to stand on a platform infront of the assembly every morning, from where my co-councillor would give command to the students. One day my co-councillor could not come to school as he was down with cold. I was to give command to the students then. When it was time for the command to be given I was stuck. My principal who would stand a few meters away from us started calling me but then no words would come out of my mouth. Every eyes were on me and I was petrified. When I finally did after about ten minutes, my pronunciations went wrong.
10/ Your thoughts on some people considering bloggers as 'thought leaders' in this century?
Answer: I agree with their thought. Bloggers these days are indeed "thought leaders". They have a huge pile of articles on their blog and keep adding on them with the topics that the world need to know about. The contemporary as well as the historic issues are discussed widely in the blogs and with the century already being one full of modern technologies, the articles written are broadly spread. People who blog are well informed themselves and inform the world of the same as well.

My Nominees are:
1/ Namgay Om
2/ Chukuu
3/ Jigme Gyeltshen

The questions for my nominees are:
1/ What is your greatest dream and do you intend to reach for it?
2/ What makes you the most happiest?
3/ What is the craziest thing you did?
4/ When you read a blog, what do you expect from the writer?
5/ Given a chance what is that one thing that you would change?
6/ What would your dream vacation be like?
7/ What person, in any place or time period, would you trade places with for a day? Why?
8/ Tell us something that we don't know about you.
9/ A place you have been yearning to visit?
10/ Finally, the reason you blog?

I hope you will accept my nomination. Happy blogging!
p.s Sorry for not linking your blogs to the nominee names. I haven't learnt it yet and when I do, I promise, I will link it to your blog.