Monday, 18 March 2013

Just the third BHSCE attempt and SHERDI has another topper.

Sherub Reldri HSS aka Yakgang
The first ever private school in the eastern part of the country. Sherub Reldri (mostly known among it's teachers and students as SHERDI and as YAKGANG among the localities) was first founded in the year 2009 with a very few numbers of teachers, a much fewer number of supporting staffs and just about a hundred plus students (only class 11 students). Located away from the busy town, the school has a very silent atmosphere with the natural beauty surrounding it. A place perfect for an educational institution. The few numbers of infrastructures that it has accommodates the small family perfectly. Harmonizing the scenery beauty of the place, the teachers and the students. As the students come from divergent societies and family backgrounds many new ideas, cultures and values come up together adding more to the daily lessons that they are taught in the classes.
Since it's very first year, the school provided all three streams of higher secondary studies (Science, Commerce and Arts). The few numbers of teachers was the result of the few number of students and the reason for the few number of students was all because it was a new school, unknown to many. As the journey towards producing able citizens started, the principal, proprietor and the teachers along with the students worked hard to achieve it's motto "GATEWAY TO FUTURE". After an year of its establishment another fresh batch of students sought admission in the school along with some CE students, increasing the numbers of both students and teachers and yet after another year the first batch of students appeared the BHSC Examination. Having students coming from different educational backgrounds, the pass percentage was low, which left the teachers disheartened. Yet they did not lose hope to prepare another batch for the same. The second batch of students appeared BHSC Examination in 2011, when a CE student topped the Arts stream from the country. Thus another huge number of students sought admission in the school owing to the good result though the pass percentage was still low. 
Last year was the third batch appearing the BHSC Examination, which was  by then a recognized school. The results left everybody shocked to know that Sherdi has yet another topper (a regular student) scoring 82.50 %, securing the third position from the Arts stream. Being a student of that same school the headline in kuensel, which read "Class XII results declared", left me over excited. Congratulations! Tshering Lhamo, you did us proud. So, Sherub Reldri H.S.S, which once was a school that most of the people were even not aware of its existence is flourishing just four years after it's foundation. 
The principal and wonderful teachers who put in all of their efforts in teaching, wishing the best for their students are the first ones, who should be credited with the achievements. The proprietor must be thanked along with our financial and moral supporters (parents, siblings and relatives). We did get a second chance for education because of the above mentioned people and we are very much grateful for that and THANK YOU for everything. And SHERDI, you have a long way to go and more of these achievements are yet to come.


  1. wow...nice article about your alma mature. Write more. Can't wait to see next one!

  2. thank you Sherab, for reading the post and the compliment, looking forward to writing more of it again.