Thursday, 13 December 2012

When it is time to leave.

There she lay groaning in pain
The last moments are already here
Nothing can hold her back now
Time up and she needs to leave

Time has ticked by too soon
It seems like just yesterday
When she set her foot here
And now it is time for goodbye

Sorrowfully her loved ones cry
renowned medics are at their best
But the lord above calls her
She has no other choices left

Her wealth can’t help her now
No supernatural power can save her
Alas all she gets to take
Is nothing but the good deeds

Such is the reality of life
Like autumn leaves she will fall
To the soil where she belong
And will finally turn to dust

After her the winter shall come
Cold frost will cover the ground
Leaving no traces of her existence
Lost and forgotten she shall be


  1. thank you for reading my post dear visitor, you are welcome again.

  2. Sherub....I think u didn't get one of the decent themes for ur blog (jst my view, may b wrong). All the widgets are at bottom making little untidy. May be u can try with the theme 'Confit' or 'Liquorice'. I'm sure, u'll like them. All the best.... :D

  3. exactly!!! :P I am kind-off alien to this blogging world. I thought of giving my blog a new look, when I landed up making it look ugly. just could not revert it back, give me sometime and I shall make it beautiful. Thank you sherab..:)

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