Friday, 23 January 2015

Life: A bar of soap

Whenever I am free, I am either with my computer, browsing all random things on the internet or  I am with my phone downloading songs and applications. In one of those times I came across an application on play store. Its called, 'Lettrs', an application that lets you post letters to both public and to private persons. There is also a feature that lets you make pen-pals, you can address letters to them and they can reply to your letters. I also have a few pen-pals. You have access to all the open letters and thats when I came across this piece. I thought you may love to read it to. So I am sharing it.

This little bar of soap
Perches on that precarious ledge in your bathtub.
That little soap often slips here and there, almost gleefully and
The harder you grab onto it,
The more it evades your grasp.
And you think up a million ways to sneak up on it,
To figure it out, to find the meaning of that little bar of soap.
And while you do all this,
That little bar of soap just sits there, twiddling its thumbs,
...Making bubbles.
Oh but that little soap will give
you are real good clean, once in a while
Deftly sweeping its tiny fingers away from itself,
Sweeping away all your dirt
But most of the time
That little bar of soap just sits there, twiddling its thumbs,
...Making bubbles.
Day in, day out, more of that little soap washes away.
More of that little soap disappears.
And the funny thing is
The littler it gets, the more important it suddenly becomes
"How could I have wasted all that soap?"
"How could I have let it sit there in that insipid water and never use it?"

But soap is soap, it will make bubbles quickly as it can and that's all there is to it.


  1. Indeed a beautiful meaning of life spoken by a bar of soap. Beautiful lines, loved it. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is going well with sound in health. Regards from me. Do great. Take Care. :)

    1. I can't agree more. I am glad you liked it too, Ugyen.

  2. Hi Sherub! I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. Please check it out on my blog post :)

    1. Hi mam, Thank you for nominating me for the blog award. I have posted it on my blog.

  3. Nice Post ... hay watch my blog..