Tuesday, 18 February 2014

To my father

In a tiny hamlet far away
Where meandering path leads the way
And nature is at its best
At the alluring place which I call 'home'
Dwells my strength, my father
While collecting the memories together
Dearly, he clings upon them
A few happy-sad, bitter-sweet moments
The contents of his life
A life that had been selflessly dedicated
To the mouths that had to be fed
To the bodies that had to be clothed
Role of a father he excelled
Keeping the love alive even after she left
His love unparalleled
He is an exemplar of a true husband
Survivor of a tough life
Strong and sturdy he still stands
Role of a man he excelled
Chased by old age, his hair grey
Our lives, made his prey
The man who is my strength, my father
His sacrifice I never can repay
Good health I pray be his now and ever

p.s. I love you, Apa.


  1. Great poem, Sherub. Loved it. Keep writing. :)

  2. Agreed. Fathers are great; their unparalleled love makes them even greater. Loved both your father and your poem. ;) Buddha bless all fathers and mothers. ;)

  3. Blessed be your father, for she has a daughter, deep routed in his upbringing. Well written. It embodies the hardship, every father faces in life.

  4. A very fine piece! Keep writing :D

  5. Thank you, Langa for the support you give me always when it comes to blogging. :)

  6. Sonam, can't agree more. Fathers are one beings which makes the world beautiful. Thank you for the love. :)

  7. Thank you, Jigme for the prayer and the beautiful comment. I feel encouraged. :)