Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Thank you 2013, favour me 2014

Dear 2013, you have been a beautiful year and thank you for that. Let 2014 know that I expect nothing less than you from it.
photo courtesy; Google
photo courtesy: Google

"Can't believe Earth completes a revolution every year so that you guys could party..!!", I saw a status on the wall of one of my facebook friend. As I read that line I realized that it indeed is a true thing. The earth completes a revolution and the people on earth starts celebrating. The hope to have a better year compared to the one that has already been spent awakens the spirit in each one of us. Celebrations and parties happening everywhere. Wishes for a happy year passing from one to another. The past forgotten despite what it had brought with it.
Another year has just passed by in a blink and I am growing a year older with the celebration of a new year. I am growing old but a new year also brings so much hope with it so I am pushing away the thought of me getting older. 2013 hasn't been a bad year unlike some of the years in my life. It taught me new things, gave me new friends and more importantly it gave me the strength to pull through it. And finally it's bidding me goodbye. Thank you 2013 for the being a beautiful year and letting me and the ones around me live peacefully. I admit that there has been a few of those 'scary' moments but those hasn't been enough to cover up all of those happy ones. I am glad I survived those moments. Now that I have made it till the the end, I am looking forward to 2014 to be a year far better than 2013.
The first day of the new year 2014 and I suppose most of the people out there have one or many resolutions for themselves but I have none. I never had one till date. I sat thinking about having a resolution this year but then I landed up having nothing in my mind. I could think of nothing to change about myself and my life. I concluded the effort with the thought that I am good the way I am now. And if ever there is a need to change anything about myself I have not much of a problem to change it right away. So that is how I have not even a single new year resolution.
A day of a new year is almost ending and I sit here writing and hoping I have another beautiful year. I wish 2014 would protect my family and friends like 2013 did. May it bless us with less of worries and lesser of ill health. I hope 2014 will be a year filled with happiness for me, for my family and friends and for the world.


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