Saturday, 13 October 2012

hi there

This is the first ever article I am trying to write in this blog of mine. I may not meet the standards of a blogger and I ain't a wonderful writer  with good writing skills nor am I a keenly interested writer. I write when I feel like and I completely forget the idea of writing sometimes. I write only when I come along something which, I think I want to write about (just my perception,  don't get me wrong), yet I am hoping to do my best to keep my blog updated and post beautiful things in here so that anyone visiting will have  a good time reading the articles. I always thought of maintaining a blog since I joined college but a chance to really get practical just happened to pass by a few weeks ago and the reason why I joined the blog is still a secret of mine and please don't ask me why, just kidding. I thought it must be fun to have one's own blog alongside reading the blog posts of those awesome writers (I came across many of them, so I don't remember their blog addresses, now i sound rude..:P), that was one inspiration, which dragged me into this blogging world.

Maintaining a diary is way too troublesome for me, especially when, I have to carry it with me to places I go and I am a forgetful person, I even forget to carry my toothbrush with me when I move out of my place, so it doesn't suit me to maintain a diary. And yes. not to forget, I am a lazy bones too. So, a blog page will do me good. Everyday update may not be possible yet I may visit it once in awhile (I am not sure about how long that AWHILE will be though...:D). Looking forward to putting up a great pile of stuffs though they may not be so much fun to read. Ehhhh ..I am already running out of words and now I am starting to wonder how I will be able to update my blog...:P. Anyway, happy reading guys...:).



  1. I am really impressed.....keep it up
    keep on posting

  2. i am glad u read my post dear reader...i hope to keep u entertained alys..:)